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4 Ways to Become Healthy

On November 21, 2016
By Anis

You may want to know why your food intake does not facilitate you in any way, you either remain thin despite eating in large quantities or put on weight although you eat less; or you’d wonder why your body hurts throughout and why every one of those limbs are tired to move. You’re always inactive mentally or physically and often stressed out; also you don’t make time to visit the doctor to know your health status. It is high time you quit facing these issues and do something about it. It is undoubtedly a sign of unhealthy state and living that has aggravated due to the lack of importance and care given to our bodies over time.

Leading a healthy life is the key to a healthy future and requires a lot of determination and willingness. It is all about adapting ways through which one can guarantee oneself a balanced well being. Planning is essential once you’re determined to become healthy and moreover one must consult a certified professional or have some knowledge on how to go about and take steps to procure this goal.

There are several factors that are the cause of unhealthy status; once you consult the medical professional you’ll know that proper nutrition, fitness and the basic healthy lifestyle is absent. Therefore planning out a chart for a healthy living in every one of those categories will help set off for a good start. Remember, taking it slowly helps produce satisfactory results than hurrying. Give time for your body and mind to take in the change, then you’ll gradually get accustomed to the new ways of living. Here are some things that should help and guide you to achieve a new lease of life.


Food is a basic requirement for every living being. The quantity consumed differs from person to person displaying varied results in health for each one of them. Therefore a balanced diet is always recommended to ensure stability in health. Relying on nutritious food is one way of circumventing those frequent visits to the doctor, for food is a basic source of energy that helps boost the immune system and prevents many diseases and illnesses.

Food contains nutrients, which includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But not all of these nutrients are found in a single food item. There’s wide variety of food to choose from such as staple food, legumes, animal and milk products, fruits and vegetables, fats, oils, sugar and sugary products. Each of these must be moderately consumed to supply sufficient nutrients to your body.

Staple food such as cereals, starchy roots and fruit; basically rice, maize, wheat, potatoes, yams, plantains etc provide carbohydrates, vitamin B, minerals and fiber, these are an important source of energy and must therefore make up the largest part of the meal.

Peas, lentils, beans, soybeans and groundnuts are legumes that supply necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber than increase the nutritious content when taken with staple food. These can be consumed every day since they’re bodybuilding and repairing foods.

Animal and milk products include meat, fish, eggs and poultry; dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk etc.

Fruits and vegetables are high in nutritious content, different vitamins and minerals are found in each. They are low in fat and calories and can be consumed every day. Choose colorful foods like carrots, beetroots, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and starchy roots and fruits like yam, potatoes and bananas etc.

Fats, oils and sweets and sugary items provide energy but are high in calories, they help gain weight for those needed and should be moderately consumed. They are not nutritious but only add to the flavor. Fats and oils include cooking oil (vegetable, coconut and palm oil), coconut cream, mayonnaise, butter, cream; they’re also found in oil seeds, cheese, avocado, curds, fatty meat and fish etc. sugary items include jams, honey, table sugar, biscuits and cookies, cakes etc. these items should mostly be least preferred.



Physical activity combined with good nutrition is the perfect way of keeping one’s health in check. Whether or not you’re thin, fitness should never be a choice. It is beneficial in umpteen ways like keeping you physically fit and active, healthy, gives a longer span of life, gives a good night sleep, keeps you stress free, makes you look and feel better, reduces the chances of becoming depressed, keeps your bones and muscles strong, maintains a healthy weight etc.

Fitness does not restrain to a particular age, it can begin from a younger age too. The younger the better, since this healthy habit is not likely to be forgone. Today more than 2 billion people are obese or overweight; this calls for the need to adopt a healthy habits. A sedentary lifestyle has become common among youngsters who are addicted to watching television or playing computer games sitting for hours. This physical inactivity has resulted in asthma; type 2 diabetes and heart disease among many.

What can possibly happen if you are not fitness conscious? Your health tends to deteriorate as you age and is prone to many diseases; to keep oneself from harm first be aware of the prevalent non-communicable diseases and conditions that are the result of physical inactivity; that should convey how vital maintaining one’s health is. Heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, depression, high blood pressure, breast and colon cancer and osteoporosis are likely to be a major hindrance in one’s health due to no activity. Therefore aim for a healthy new you, it is not too late.

Physical activity does not demand too much time; it takes 10-15 minutes initially and gradually increases to 30 minutes to an hour. It is not at all strenuous but requires commitment and sticking to an exercise regimen once you have started it. Even five days a week will suffice, take baby-steps and build onto it and exercise in moderation. There are various ways of staying fit, there are bone-strengthening activities, muscle-strengthening activities, balance and stretching activities, aerobics activities etc. other simple ways of being active involve walking or cycling instead of taking a bus, taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators, taking a break in between work and stretching your arms and legs etc. remember to always keep a check on your weight, it is a constant reminder of your healthy status.



Having a healthy lifestyle is a must for every individual. You must ensure that you attend to every facet of healthy living. Eating nutritious food, staying physically fit, inculcating healthy habits, giving importance to cleanliness, staying mentally healthy etc. are some of the essentials for healthy lifestyle. The need to live healthy must come from self since you are your own caretaker. While we have already given ways to adapt to nutritious eating and staying fit let us know more about the rest.

Cleanliness does go hand in hand with health and is equally important. The food you consume, the water you drink, the place you live, the places you visit, the things you touch are all surfaces and home for bacteria and microbes. Always keep yourself and your surroundings clean; wash your hands before you eat, after you touch things like currency notes and always after you return home from a hospital or work. Dust all the surfaces at home and work, to avoid any accumulation that may cause health or respiratory issues. Wash your clothes and do not let them piled up in dirt. Wash yourself clean, take a shower everyday, brush your teeth twice a day and wear tidy clothes. Do not litter and always throw away any waste immediately to avoid bad odor. Guard your mouth while coughing or sneezing to avoid transmitting bacteria. Drink clean water, boil and purify it to be safe. Eat food that is prepared at home than outside, store food in clean places at right temperature, do not wash meat in the sink to avoid the spreading of germs etc

Staying mentally healthy is possible by staying optimistic, socializing, being stress free, getting enough sleep and getting healthy advises. Your work may involve sacrificing time more than that is necessary, which will leave you stressed with only fewer hours to sleep and take proper rest; to avoid this plan your day, avoid over-working or exhausting yourself. Socialize more to de-stress, plan a day out or a day in to have a change in atmosphere. Fight depression by talking to people and get good and healthy advice. Meditate to keep a free and stable mind. Go out with people and indulge in fun things. Basically detach from all that keeps you mentally occupied.

Regular Health check-ups

Health Checkup

A health check up shouldn’t be initiated only when you have fallen ill or when affected by something, it is necessary that you visit your regular doctor at least every once a year. This is essential to warn you from any future risks. Any health exams, vaccinations, services, tests and screenings should be taken for safety measures. These health check-ups are helpful in early detection, treatment and cure and do the needful to give you a healthy living and longer span of existence.

Your age, lifestyle, health and family history plays an important role in determining your health status; therefore if you do not have a regular doctor you can always begin anew and regularly visit the same person in future. There are several things to always keep in check of, your oral health, blood pressure, cholesterol, viral hepatitis, breast and cervical cancer early detection, HIV/AIDS, skin cancer, screenings for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer, immunization schedules etc. are highly recommended.

Thanks to the advanced and modern medicine, the information provided through these health tests enable you live longer, change your unhealthy or faulty lifestyle, point out what you have been doing wrong and encourage and give second chances to live better. They provide an improvement drastically that let’s us live happier and better. So do avoid the chances of reducing the length and quality of your life because prevention is always better than cure.

Becoming healthy is all in your hands, it only requires little time to know the steps to be taken and fill yourself with all that basic and important knowledge for your betterment. The next step is putting it into use. It is never too early to begin a healthy living in fact it is the best long-term plan that you would have ever made for yourself. It is a positive way of life that you’d be choosing to live which will be qualitative in nature, guaranteeing health for years to come. Once you’re dedicated, you’re not likely to let go of that feeling you get when you’re healthy and fit. Your lifestyle will definitely change you for the better and encourage people around you. Being regular and following this healthy routine should be a challenge for the beginners. You’re only replacing your old ways with new ones which is going to give a productive outcome, so patience, moderation and will power is necessary. Investing in health should never involve second thoughts instead it should be given high preference. Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and regular health check-ups are major influences of health that deserve the most attention than any other work or preoccupations one has in life.

Take advice and guidance from people with similar interest and those who follow a healthy lifestyle, they’ll provide tips and beneficial ways to help you in the process. Get into a circle of friends or people whom you can exercise with and motivate each other to continue this forever. You can follow blogs that suggest various nutritious recipes from which you can benefit. Start a stretching-break 5 minutes routine among your colleagues in office or you can always choose to go solo. Encourage and motivate yourself in regular intervals to never diverge from this healthy regime. Consult a nutritionist, a fitness instructor, and most importantly a physician or doctor if needed or if you face any issues, however this basic knowledge should help jump start a healthy living.



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