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Important Steps to avoid Crohn’s disease

On December 23, 2016
By Anis


Crohn is a terrifying name, isn’t it? Yes, it may feel terrifying to those who suffer from this disease. But for your knowledge, this disease got the name from its founder Dr. Burrill Crohn. He was the first person who got to know about the disease way back in the year 1932. He was doing some research work along with his other colleagues. Dr. Crohn made it clear that this disease also belonged to other diseases grouped under the Inflammatory Bowel diseases or better known as the IBD. It is generally a disease related to the intestine of a human body.

What is a Crohn’s disease?

It is that disease which causes inflammation in the intestines that are responsible for carrying on the digestion process. These tracts that form the part of digestion process starts from the mouth and end in the bowel. This inflammation can occur in the tracts anywhere between your mouth and bowel.

Symptoms of this disease and how one can avoid Crohn’s disease

There are various symptoms which give the indication that you are suffering from Crohn disease. Some of the common symptoms include pain in the abdomen, catching up diarrhea, loss in body weight, the appearance of sores in the mouth, occurrence of ulcers, and many other as well. All these symptoms are quite painful. Also, if proper care is not taken, the symptoms can trouble you for a longer period. But, you don’t need to worry. There are some important and quite simple steps that you can follow in order to get rid of these symptoms and avoid Crohn’s disease.  Here are the different steps that you need to follow:

Have a better knowledge about the disease

Having a proper knowledge about any disease you suffer is equally important to know the ways how to avoid it. If you are suffering from Crohn’s disease, it is important to you that you have a proper knowledge about this disease. If your parents also suffered from this disease, it is not important that they would have experienced the same symptoms that you are experiencing. The symptoms of this disease can vary from patient to patient. There are other health problems that can be similar to the Crohn disease. In such cases, it becomes difficult to identify the problem. In order to avoid Crohn’s disease, the first thing you should do is to find out the difference between Crohn disease and other similar diseases. A proper knowledge about the disease and the treatment available for it can certainly help you to avoid Crohn’s disease. If you have someone in your family who has a better knowledge of this disease can be also helpful.

Maintain a healthy diet

Most of the problems in our digestive system are due to lack of a proper and balanced diet. Crohn’s disease is also related to our digestive system. If you had problems with your digestion sometimes earlier then you might know the importance of having a proper diet. But, if are suffering from this type of disease for the first time, it can be tough for you. There are certain foods that you must avoid helping yourself to get rid of this disease. You must stop the intake of oily and spicy foods. Foods that are processed also pose a threat to your digestive system. Try to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Remember a healthy diet is reason for a healthy body.

Get proper sleep

Let me tell you something clearly that, the doctors those who advise to have a sound sleep are not fools. There are many reasons behind their saying. A human body is just like a machine which works throughout the day and needs to rest in the night. As is the case with a machine, lack of proper rest can cause serious damage, the human body can also develop some problems under the lack of proper rest time. Lack of proper sleep can cause problems like inflammation in the tracts which is the root cause of many other problems. Due to the inflammation, you can suddenly catch up diarrhea or even you suffer from constipation. Maintaining a proper routine for your sleep becomes pretty important to avoid Crohn’s disease. You need to give up some of the bad habits like alcohol consumption or intake of caffeine which can cause a disturbance in your sleep.

Exercise regularly

Keeping your body fit is the best way to avoid Crohn’s disease. A physically and mentally strong body is capable of resisting certain diseases that are caused due to the improper functioning of our body. The best way to maintain your fitness is by exercising regularly. It might feel tough but once you find your rhythm, you can easily go on with your routine exercise. Regular exercise not only keeps you slim and fit but also prepares your body to fight against some common diseases like diarrhea, constipation, digestion problems, etc. So, exercise regularly.

Stress is a health killer, so avoid it

The whole body is controlled by our brains. The brain is responsible for triggering the actions we take and our internal body takes. Stress is the thing which directly attacks our brain. Stress is not the direct cause of Crohn’s disease but indirectly is responsible for it. Any stress on our body is certain to cause health problems. It has been found that the hormones that are responsible for the causing of stress can help certain bacteria to make a place in the human intestine. These bacteria’s are harmful and can cause a huge amount of problem. So, it is better to avoid any stress if you have to avoid Crohn’s disease.


Crohn’s disease is certainly a disease which will blow up your comfort. This disease needs to be taken seriously and quick actions should be taken in order to get rid of this disease. It is quite easy to follow all the above-mentioned steps which will help you avoid Crohn’s disease.



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