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BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder

On November 29, 2016
By Anis

BSN’s SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder is a premium delicious protein powder that is perfect for those who are looking to put on some serious muscle mass. This protein powder is especially great for hard-gainers and ectomorphs who need extra nutrition in order to grow.

Unlike typical whey protein shakes out there, SYNTHA-6 offers protein from other natural sources that release a little bit slower throughout your day. This makes SYNTHA-6 a great shake to take anytime of the day – whether you drink it as soon as you wake up, after an intense workout or right before you go to sleep.

If you’re serious about putting on muscle mass, you should really be taking this shake at all three essential times of the day – and with such a great value, it won’t break the bank.

SYNTHA-6 comes in at less than 40 dollars with over 45 servings, costing you less than a dollar per drink. Buying protein tubs like this is much cheaper than buying a three-dollar shake at the store, and usually the more you buy, the cheaper it is per serving.

BSN has created eight delicious, sweet flavors to pick from and they give you five options of sizes to select from to accommodate anyone’s budget. Ten grams of essential amino acids are also in the protein blend of this shake, which is a very considerable amount for a protein mix.

It also eliminates the hassle of having to buy amino acids separately. Tasting good and having a nutritious formula are both important qualities in a shake, but something that most people overlook is the ability to mix well in water or milk.

There are many shakes that can’t mix well without big clumps of protein, and this shake doesn’t have that problem at all. SYNTHA-6 mixes effortlessly in any shaker bottle – and if you want to make it a premium shake, you could use a blender to add in extra fruits and supplements such as creatine.

SYNTHA-6, combined with BSN’s True Mass weight gainer, is an explosive combination for skinny athletes who are looking to bulk up. To get the most out of BSN’s nutrition, try taking SYNTHA-6 at breakfast, after your workout, and then take a scoop of True Mass right before bed.

Stacking these two supplements along with eating several times a day will make gaining weight easy – without you having to suffer with products that taste bad, won’t mix well, and burn a hole in your wallet.



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