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Relationship Between Nutrition And Health

On October 13, 2018
By Anis

What Are Nutrients?

Nutrients are responsible for creating every molecule in the body. There are more than 45 known nutrients. These nutrients build cells, tissues, and molecules of the body. For instance, we get energy from Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that we eat.

These are called macronutrients. These nutrients are metabolized / broken down to provide energy to the body.

Micronutrients on the other hand are not metabolized for energy yet they help macronutrients to convert energy. Vitamins and minerals are example of micronutrients.

Hence, we define nutrition as the organic process by which nutrients are being utilized by an organism for growth and maintenance.

What Is A Healthy Diet?

An ideal diet has to be individualized in order to meet your unique needs. These are general rules. Healthy diet depends on many factors like: age, body size, gender, health status and pregnancy. A nutritionally oriented doctor can or a clinical nutritionist can help you figure out what type of diet is best for you.

Health therefore is a state of being free from physical or psychological illness.

Looking at these terms “nutrition” and “health”, it comes to note that they work hand in hand. They undergo what I call a mutual relationship. Without the right nutrient needed for your body, the physical and psychological state of the body will be altered and it’ll lead to illness. Illness is anything that alters the balanced state or nature of a body. We ought to understand that without the right nutrient, one can’t stay healthy. Likewise you can’t have the right nutrient and not stay healthy.

We should realize that proteins, minerals and vitamins are important for good health, just as Dr. DicQie Fuller’s stated in his book “The Healing Power of Enzymes”, enzymes are just as important. If we want our body to function properly, we must consume diets rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Nutrition plays a vital role to human health. Nourishment should assume a leading role to enhance the quality of our life. Nutrition is a major solution to body fat reduction ratio.

Better nutrition is the key to stronger immune systems, better health and less illness. Better nutrition is a start point to eradicating poverty and achieving personal satisfaction. Good nutrition and safe food are important to everybody.

As you stricken in age, the need for a nutritionally rich diet becomes extremely important. The connection between nutrition and health is important to achieve optimal health.

Good nutrition is an unmistakable way to optimize the quality of our life. To achieve optimum health, a critical start point is to get the proper nutrients from the food and achieve optimum nutrition.

Good diet and nutrition are the standard preventive measures against diseases.

The daily supply of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes makes our body regenerate miraculously. Without a daily intake of these nutrients, our body and mind break down because we are not ready to completely replace dead cells in our internal and external organs.

Standard health and nutrition requires more than just the supply of these nutrient is quantity. Too much of every good thing makes it bad. An excessive amount of Carbohydrate and fat intake can create weight gain problems and its unfavorable impacts on the healthy body. When vitamins and minerals are consumed in excess, it becomes toxic to the body and then creates unhealthy condition that can lead to illness and even death as the case may be.

Benefits of Taking Good Nutrient and Living Healthy

Body Repair

It is only natural for the human body to repair itself if provided with the right tools. I call this “Natural Healing”.

Natural healing allows you to supplement with the right nutrient that which the body requires for a specific health problem. Sometimes the body lack certain nutrients (which is actually the cause of the problem) and these deficiencies could be among the 45 nutrients required by the body to function well (creating energy and repairing itself).

The body comprises of cells and cells as we know die for new cells to be created. These newly born cells will either by healthy or unhealthy depending on the state of the cells before it. If the correct nutrients are made available for the mother cell, the daughter cells will be healthy and if otherwise the trend of unhealthy cells will follow suit.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy people are stronger and more productive. Having a healthy lifestyle minimizes the risk of many diseases such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease; all of which are deadly. Healthy eating is key to good health and also a major component in HHD – Human Health Development, from the early childhood years to the adulthood.

We spend a lot of cash on food, however there are ways to cut expenses and still serve healthy meals. You can enhance your health when a healthy food is chosen rather than sugary or high-fat foods. You can also add fiber and photo-chemicals to your diets. Breakfast meals ought to be healthy but having high sugar and fats is considerable.


Life is a challenge without good health. Our lives tend to get short with poor nutrition and health. It is exceptionally difficult to be healthy if we do not engage in exercise or if we eat junk food. We have to ensure that we will live long because our friends and family are relying on it. Junk food can really destabilize or health because it doesn’t provide the body with the necessary nutrition required.

Whether we realize it or not, nutrition and health is something we all deal with day in day out. We get affected positively or negatively depending upon whether or not we eat good food. Choosing healthy solutions would be better, however there is freedom of choice, everybody is free to choose for themselves.

Learning about basic nutrition is constantly coming to fruition on a daily basis, creating new diet trends to a great number of people who want to know the greatest and latest ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Eat well, sleep well, exercise well and enjoy your days on earth.


HealingFoodReference – Covers healing foods, their nutrients and which diseases or conditions that may help.

NutrientReference – Medicinal properties of all known nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals.




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