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Diet To Avoid In Crohn’s Disease

On November 1, 2018
By Anis

Getting rid of the Chron’s disease is beyond your reach. This disease still has no perfect cure for it. This is out of your control to remove this disease. The thing that is under your control is getting rid of the symptoms of this disease. By removing the symptoms, you are in a way getting control over the disease from which you are suffering from. There are various ways of getting rid of the symptoms. You can exercise or make some changes to your lifestyle. Another important thing is that you can change your diet accordingly. A healthy diet is a must for everybody. In this article, we will be discussing all about the Chron’s disease diet. You will find the items what is required to get rid of the symptoms and the foods you need to avoid.

Items to be avoided in the Chron’s disease diet

Let us have a look at the items you need to avoid in your diet for a better result. Here are they:

1.  A glass of milk can make it worse

In the early days, doctors used to prescribe drinking of a glass of milk daily. They believed that consumption of milk reduces the acidic attack on the body and also provides relief from the pain caused due to those acids. This belief was clarified later by some researchers. From the research, it was found that drinking of milk gives rise to gastric acid which provides relief for some duration. But as time passes the pain becomes unbearable.  So, if you are a patient of Chron’s disease, avoid drinking of milk to give yourself a chance to get relief from the unbearable pain.

2.  Avoid intake of Corn

Corn is a delicious item to eat but will you prefer it over the pain you suffer from Chron’s disease. I think you won’t and any other person would also do the same. Corns are very tough to digest. Because there chemical bonding is quite strong, the enzymes our body produces is not capable of breaking it down. The covering of the corn is not broken and it passes through the whole intestine. This causes a lot of damage to the inner intestine. Any damage to the intestine can cause a problem in digestion and also can cause inflammation. Both these are the symptoms of Chron’s disease. So, it is better to avoid intake of corn.

3.  Avoid seeds of tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, etc.

It is quite simple that why seeds are being asked to be avoided. The case of seeds is same as the corn. Seeds are also impossible to breakdown. When you eat a tomato, the seeds move freely through your intestines and cause a lot of damage while they are moving. The damage is sensed by the body and it acts to protect the body from the effect of the seeds. But, the reaction from the body leads to the occurrence of diarrhea. This is also a symptom of Chron’s disease. In order to get rid of the symptoms avoid intake of any seeds.

4.  Avoid intake of skin of any vegetable or fruit

Often, it is seen that we eat fruits and vegetables without peeling off the skin. To make it clear, the peels contain a compound called cucrbitacin. The function or the quality, you can say of this compound is to disturb the mucous membrane. These membranes are present in the human stomach. The disturbance caused to this membrane causes a lot of pain in the stomach. Thus, it is best advised to eat fruits or vegetables without the skin. If you feel that peeling of skin takes the time or something that wastes your time, you can go for canned fruits and vegetables.

5.  Avoid nuts

Another food that you shouldn’t include in the Chron’s disease diet is nuts. Nuts are quite tough. Our body doesn’t possess the capability to grind these into fine particles or paste. It becomes difficult for our body to digest such things. As this is difficult to digest, there lies no benefit of eating a nut. The person suffering from Chron’s disease won’t be able to digest it properly and thus, the protein and fats of the nuts can’t be used by the body.

6.  Avoid sugar-free items

The main advantage of sugar-free items is only limited to a diabetes patient. The reason why they are benefitted is that the sugar-free items are absorbed slowly by the digestive system. But in a person who is suffering from the Chron’s disease, this can pose a huge danger. The items that are used to make sugar-free items can often cause a problem. These problems include cramps, gas, inflammation, and some extreme pain in the stomach. The reason is that the sugar alcohol included in the sugar-free items slowly attracts water towards it. These sugar alcohols settle in the intestine. The absorption of excess water causes a huge problem. The Chron’s patient will suffer more as our body has the tendency to break down the items that are not absorbed. As a result, these sugar alcohols will be broken into particles and will serve as a food for the bacteria’s that are sitting inside our intestine. So, it is better to avoid this in your diet.

Foods to include in your diet

Now you know what food to avoid. Let us move to the foods that you need to add into the Chron’s disease diet. Here are they:

  1. Include food that contains good bacteria’s: Foods that contain bacteria’s that are helpful to our body should be included in the diet. Include the food items like yogurt, sour pickles, sourdough bread, etc which contains good bacteria.
  2. Include foods that are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids: These fatty acids are helpful in reducing the inflammation within a body. Include foods like fish oil, salmon fish, and flaxseed which are a rich source of these fatty acids.
  3. Include herbal and botanical items: A number of herbal items and botanical items are present which can help in treating the Chron’s disease. Include the likes of Aloe Vera juice, Peppermint, Chamomile flower, Green Tea, etc in your Chron’s disease diet.

So, follow the diet and it will surely help you to get rid of the symptoms of the Chron’s disease and will give you a control over this disease.



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